Bowling, Bias, and Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes

This week has been full of friends and to-do list accomplishments.  I am exhausted but feel good about it..  

The Americana Music Association held an informal mixer at a bowling alley in Nashville for all their local members.  It was great fun meeting new people and putting faces with names.  I was talked into bowling a game (dang, peer pressure) and scored a 98.  I was really hoping to break 100 but oh well, it was still so much fun.
I can't share too much info, but the Hubs got great news this week.  He will be starting a new job in May 1st. He has a couple more hoops to jump through, but they should a breeze.  Hubs has been waiting for this opportunity for 15 months.  Yup, that's a long time.  I am really proud of him and very excited for his new opportunity.

Wednesday, we left for Alabama with our dog and one cat in tow.  Mali, one of our cats, has diabetes so it was either take him with us or board him at the clinic.  He's a good traveler so we decided to take him with us.  We left after dark on Wednesday as I had work that needed to be done before we could go (thus the night vision photos). I own a house in Alabama and it is time to try to sell it. Unfortunately, we had a LOT of work to do on it when we arrived and did not finish it all.  My mom still lives down there so she is going to try to finish up the painting.  Thank goodness for her!!!!  Now just pray someone buys the house! It is a really cute 1950s house that is unusually large (3 bed, 2 bath) so I think it will sell quickly.  But I might be biased.

I have many friends in Alabama and wanted badly to see so many of them, but quickly ran out time.  I did get to visit with my good friend, Katie. She loves music like I do and we share very similar taste.  Unfortunately we didn't realize it until I moved to Nashville... I am still confused how this oversight happened.  We have known each other for almost five years. Geez.
While we were in Alabama we stopped by and visited some of the hubs family.  His nephew is the smartest two year old I have ever met. (Biased again? maybe so) His nephew took my cell phone and went to the camera to take my picture. He put his finger over the camera lens but still he uses it better than my grandma.  He also was teaching Hubs how to play Temple Run.  What an amazing little kid. 

Today was filled with packing, hauling and driving.  My mom will be moving to Nashville in a few months so today we packed up her "excess" AND all the stuff I still had down there and trekked back to Nashville.  Uh, yeah... it filled up a 10 x 10 storage room.  Oh my gosh, I need to have a yard sale.  It is embarrassing how much stuff I have that I don't use.  Look at that amazing wall of boxes. I should have stood next to it so you could understand just how tall that it.  I had to stand on a step ladder to reach the top.  
You may have noticed that I added a picture of "me" to the website. It was drawn by a very talented up and coming artist, Allysa Olson.  She is so amazing!

So yeah, I am throughly exhausted and the week has just started.  Don't forget this week is SXSW in Austin, TX.  It is going to be hard to keep up with everything.  I may sleep for a week when life calms down. 

How has your week been?  Who is going to SXSW and what are you most looking forward to?

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