Ever since I was young, I've had a difficult time answering the question "What is your passion?" Finally at 32, I have an answer. The reason this question has plagued me is because I am a passionate person at my core. What is passion? I am going to be cliche for a minute and post the definition.

PASSION - a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

For me, it's not worth doing unless I am passionate about it. If I lose my enthusiasm then it's time to move on. However, there are five passions in my life that have never waned and they are:
  • MUSIC - When I was four years old, Saturday mornings weren't wasted on silly cartoons. It was what came after them that captivated my attention, Soul Train! Later that afternoon, you could find me in my dance studio (under the dining room table) preparing for my performances. I would slip those jellies on my little feet and perform to an audience of 30+ stuffed animals. They loved to hear me sing to Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys and Starship. 
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - My earliest memory of being a photographer was at five years old. My brother was born that year and he made the perfect model. My mom tells me that my passion for photography started at four years old. Apparently, I kept stealing her camera so she bought me my very own indestructible yellow Kodak camera. 
  • BUSINESS - What little girl's favorite movie is Secret To My Success starring Michael J. Fox? This girl's! Yes, I had a crush on Michael J. Fox. (My little brother's name is Alex for a reason. Yep, Family Ties.) After watching this movie, all I wanted to be was a CEO. At 10 years old I wrote my very first business plan for a summer camp.
  • SUCCESS - Mine or someone else's. Not many things make me cry (not even my own wedding) but turn on a singing competition where someone is realizing their dreams and I turn to mush. The reason I am in the music industry is because I have a passion for helping people succeed and reach their dreams. 
  • TRAVEL - We traveled (and moved) quite often when I was growing up. We lived all over the south while my mom's family lived in Florida and my dad's in Virginia. New surroundings were exciting and I loved to discover new-to-me things. This still holds true today. I have visited 4 countries and 14 US states. Plans to increase this number significantly are in the works.
So, if I combined all these passions then my ideal career would be a photographer that traveled the country shooting new bands. If you combined all your passions, what would be your ideal career move?


Hi, I'm Still Here!

In the blogging world, absence does not make the heart grow fonder; it just makes people forget about you. Now that my busy period has passed I am here to remind you that I am still here (or introduce myself for the newbies).

<----------------That's me, Sarah Como.

I lead a fairly normal life in Nashville, TN. I've been married for 11 years and have been successfully able to not get pregnant. I get up M-F and go to a job in the music industry that is interesting a few times a year; otherwise, it's just an excel spreadsheet here... a website update there. The typical. I come home at night to two cats and a dog (other than my wonderful husband). My usual weekend consists of coupon clipping, picture taking (I have some beautiful "stuff" for sale in my store), and a research project on whatever subject I am obsessing over (just for fun) that I never finish. It's not complicated, just the way I like it. However, I tend to be silly and dramatic when I am not being serious and task-oriented. You know, whatever I feel like being at that moment.

What's this place on the internet, Simply In Bold?
Simply In Bold is a place to encourage you to be a better bolder version of yourself and embrace whatever helps you do that. For me, it's music and photography. The right song or photograph can change my entire outlook on the day or even how I approach a situation.

As you saw last Monday and today, I brought back "This Week in Music". I research information on music every week so I may as well help someone by sharing it. Music is one of my greatest passions and I miss talking about it. I am going to bring back all the music talk, but with a disclaimer since I work in the music industry (all opinions on this blog are MINE!). Plus I have really good taste in music so I am doing everyone a disservice by not sharing. Right? I thought so.

(BTW, my Spotify playlist, Americana, My Heart, hit 1000 followers today! Woo Hoo! Check it out here.)

I hope you stick around! Is there anything you would like to know about me? I'd love it if you'd ask below. Inquisitiveness is encouraged here!


This Week In Music -- 10/14/14

★ Better Than Ezra, All Together Now (It may not be Good and way too pop-ish, but worth a mention.)
★ Angaleena Presley, American Middle Class
★ Jennifer Knapp, Set Me Free (Another blast from my teenager years, but this one is guaranteed gorgeous.)

Late Show with David Letterman -- Foo Fighters (Five Nights of Foo!)

CONAN -- Shakey Graves *
Late Show with David Letterman -- Foo Fighters

Late Show with David Letterman -- Foo Fighters
Late Night with Seth Meyers -- Royal Blood

Jimmy Kimmel Live -- You+Me
Late Show with David Letterman -- Foo Fighters

Late Show with David Letterman -- Foo Fighters

*DVR this one!


What else should we be checking out? Please tell us below.
(The opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone and completely unsponsored.)



Over the past three years, I've spent time observing and studying successful people. Three points on the timeline stick out on nearly every person.

#1 -- DAY ONE
An idea/goal arrives and successful people do not waste any time putting it into action. My studies show the timeframe for going from idea to action is an average of four days. So, just go for it!

From day two until sometime into year four or five, persistence is crucial.  Your interest wanes. Frustrating problems occurs. "The man" gets you down. This is when 80% of people give up (for whatever their reason). The sad part is people often give up right before their hard work is about to pay off.

#3 -- YEAR TEN
Congratulations are in order for making it to year ten. Years five through ten are spent honing your craft and perfecting what you do. You are now an expert in your industry.

Persistence is the biggest factor in success. Yes, you must be capable, but you don't have to be amazing from day one. There is plenty of time to utilize that learning curve. Focus on what you want, take action and never give up!


This Week In Music -- 10/6/14

★ The Barr Brothers, Sleeping Operator
★ Field Report, Marigolden
★ Shaky Graves, And the War Came

Jimmy Kimmel Live -- Rixton

Late Show with David Letterman -- Nils Lofgren

I dunno, but whatever I do I am NOT watching Hatsune Miku on Letterman. Really? This article says how I feel about it much better than I can...

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon -- Philip Selway featuring Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
Late Show with David Letterman -- Rival Sons

Go out and do something fun!


What else should we be checking out? Please tell us below.
(The opinions expressed above are mine and mine alone and completely unsponsored.)


Self-Improvement through a Baseball Analogy

At my job from hell (one day I will tell that story), the mailroom supervisor had the above quote posted on her wall for all to see. My initial reaction to this was "Wow, why do they let her keep that up? That's kind of rude and screams 'I'm not a team player'".

Let me just tell you a little about me... I am a team player who will do practically anything regardless of the sacrifice to achieve a goal especially one of which I am passionate. I was a firm believer that if your co-worker needs help and you can give it then you do. No question. If I see something needs to be done then I do it regardless of whose "responsibility" it is. We are all moving toward a common goal. If we get there then does it really matter how?

The answer is... YES. Actually, it's a resounding yes.

Why? (Beware, sports analogies follow...)

#1 - Let's say the center fielder (that's baseball) is out there looking at the clouds or picking flowers then she is not prepared to catch the ball. A ball is hit and it's going straight for the one person on the field that is completely unprepared for it. The left fielder runs with all her might over to center field to chase after the ball. Center Field realizes what happened and spouts a simple "Thanks" before going back to watching the clouds. Center Field wasn't embarrassed or ashamed because she doesn't care. So now what happens the next time the ball heads her way? Center expects someone else to come bail her out.

Why did Left Field work so hard to try to cover for Center Fielder? Left Field wants to win the game, so somebody had to cover for the center fielder that isn't as interested in winning or even playing.

LESSON: If you bail someone out (more than once) then you become an enabler and they will continue to take advantage of you.

#2 - The position of Center Field exists for a reason. If only Center Field would fully do her job. Center could do it way better than anyone trying to cover for her.  If someone else was able to do it well then there would be no need for that position.

LESSON: If you are 'Center Field' then get off your ass and do your job. If you don't then you will eventually lose your position. Either you will be replaced, they will figure out they don't need your position at all, or the team could be shut down all together.

#3 - If the situation in #1 happened during a baseball game (in anything other than Tee Ball) then Center Field would be benched or even fired by the coach. What happens when the coach continues to allow Center Field to pick flowers and not be prepared? Left Field becomes resentful. Why should Left Field have to do the job of two people? Eventually, depending on Left Field's resolve, she will stop caring about the team. One of two things will happen: She becomes totally jaded and stops caring all together OR she leaves. Neither is good for the team.

LESSON: Leadership is everything. If the coach is terrible then the team will be terrible. If you are the leader then address the situation immediately. If you are on the team and you see your coach allowing poor behavior then find a new team asap! Don't stay long enough for it to negatively affect you.

Are you Center Field or Left Field?


Learning to Finish

Starting projects should be listed as one of my hobbies. I get super excited about something and obsess over it for about two weeks then something else catches my attention and I move on. Rarely do my projects (non-work related) ever get completed. At 14, I begged my mom to paint my room this icy blue color. She bought me the paint and all the supplies and told me to go for it. I painted and painted and even invited over a friend to help me. Then I lost interest and only fully completed two walls. The third was complete except for an one foot strip from floor to ceiling. The fourth wall sunk back where the closet was. It was completely painted except for the part that set back and the closet doors. It stayed that way until I went off to college.

Looking at my life, I see this pattern over and over again. I jump from photography projects to blogging to DIY projects... and the list goes on forever. I would love to post DIY How-tos on here, but I can't because I rarely finish them. In fact, there are 38 incomplete posts in my drafts folder. I struggle to post regularly on this blog even though I LOVE it! (In fact, I put off posting this for almost two month.)

Can you relate?  In my attempt to overcome this life-long struggle, here is...

Five Tips for Finishing What You Start

#1 - Reach way down inside and figure out what gets in the way.

For me, it is many reasons, but the biggest is perfectionism. If I don't have the perfect photo then I can't publish the blog post. If the right phrase doesn't pop in my head, then it stops me in my tracks. Once my perfectionism makes me pause then that creates room for other ideas. Off I go on another project.

#2 - Be determined.

Decide to complete the project or goal. Fully commit to it. Put reminders on your fridge, desk, or wherever to help you stay focused.

#3 - Don't take on too many projects at once.

I don't know about you, but I can only focus on two or three projects or goals at a time. If I put too much on my plate then I get easily distracted or overwhelmed depending on the day.

#4 - Celebrate the little milestones.

Break the goal or project down into smaller parts. Celebrate as you go. This one stumps me because in my head I feel like finally I completed that little part so hurry to the next one.

#5 - Know thyself.

Cheeseball, I know. How many of us have ever started a project because someone else wanted us to do it or we felt like something we were "supposed" to do? Yep, all of us. Bloggers often feel like they are supposed to do weekly fashion posts of their outfits. If fashion isn't your thing then don't post it. Many photographers feel like they are supposed to do portrait shoots and weddings. Only start projects or make goals that you are passionate about. If you aren't passionate then you will find it difficult to finish.

Do you have any tips to add?


Playing the Game

When I read blogs, they often feel like the same posts over and over again. Buy this, love this, make this. I often wonder "Is the most difficult part of her day choosing which shoes to wear?" Because she makes it sound like it's a really hard decision. Then I keep reading because she's funny and those shoes are totally cute!

Being transparent and vulnerable are scary and can hurt. I spent years necessarily playing my cards close to my chest so now I instinctually bluff even when I have a good hand. I hold those cards so tightly that sometimes I even miss my turn to play them. When I am being completely honest (here or elsewhere) it is often vague. I wish life wasn't a game. I wish that I could be 100% honest and transparent 100% of the time with everyone.

My goal this week: Let go of some cards...

Anyone relate?



"If you believe in yourself then others will too."

I read the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso in under 24 hours. For someone who strictly reads magazines and blogs, this is big news. #GIRLBOSS was just that good. There were all kinds of nuggets that spoke to me. I wrote down quotes as I went along so I can be continuously inspired. One quote that significantly stuck out to me was "If you believe in yourself then others will too". It was like Sophia knocked me in the back of the head. If you doubt yourself then other people will sense it and doubt you too, so it has to work the opposite way as well.

As a teenager, I was 100% confident and self-assured in my abilities. As the years have gone by and shit happened, it started to wane. People started to get in my head. So-and-so doesn't believe that I can handle that promotion, so maybe I can't. (I got it and rocked it btw.) I am underpaid so maybe I am not worth more. (A-hem, if you work hard and kick ass, then you are always worth more.) The thoughts go on and on.  If you notice, I stated something positive and reassuring after each negative thought. This is to combat them, so they don't overtake me!

This week, let's work on combating each negative thought and truly believing in ourselves. We can do anything we set our minds to. It definitely won't be easy, but that makes it worth it.


Month in Review: June 2014

OMG! June was the best month!

A photo I took was used in an article on and it was on the main page.

The Hubs and I took my mom downtown to the CMAfest. We only did the free stuff, which there was less of this year than in the past. They have several stages and we watched numerous performances. I took my camera, but somehow had no camera battery. What a major fail, so here is a picture from last year. :(

Anyone out there deal with Irritable Bowl Syndrome? I have a very mild version, but the hubs is severe. Unfortunately we didn't know exactly how bad it was until now. Without being too graphic, he basically spent a week in the bathroom. He couldn't eat anything other than applesauce, rice, and bland chicken for five days. If he tried then it was back to the torture chamber. The past three weeks have been spent trying to figure out what he can and can't eat. We have figured out that he is basically fine being on a Paleo diet minus broccoli and onions. If you have any tips, then we will gladly take them!

Going to Bonnaroo was life changing. I know that sounds weird, because it's just a music and arts festival. I have been to many of them and even went to Bonnaroo last year. But this year was different. It was amazing and life affirming and I am having trouble finding a way to explain how it impacted me.

People watching was the best there, except when a 60-year old topless lady walked by, but anyway. People were courteous and watched out for each other. Yes, there was a lot of drinking (even out of sunscreen bottles. Hello, Always Sunny.), odd smells (Were there skunks on that farm?), and "oh, that pill must be aspirin, right?" (Don't worry, I'm not that naive... now).  Once of the most awesome moments was when Zedd performed. We watched from the outskirts of the crowd and when the beat would hit people would throw glowsticks and such into the air.

Watching Jack White perform from side stage may be the coolest thing that has ever happened in my life. He directs his band throughout the show which I have never seen before with a big show like that. Usually shows like that are well rehearsed. Everyone knows what song comes next, what to do and where to be.  Jack White changes it up. I bet every single performance he does is a little bit different than the last.

A sea of people attended Jack White's performance. Literally, it was backed up to the entrance. Just standing on stage alone was worth the trip. Getting to see with my own eyes that many people (80,000?) gathered together to see one person perform. Truly breathtaking. 

Shovels and Rope are one of my all-time favorites. I have seen them perform several times and they blow me away each time. As the guy behind me stated a million times "Two people? All that from two people?" Granted he was drunk off his ass, but right, nonetheless. At one point, I thought they were going to start having sex right there on the stage. It was like they were singing for each other and don't mind the audience, they are here to watch. If they ever have marital problems, no one tell me. I would be crushed.

Lone Bellow was the best performance of the entire festival. They do not hold back. You can feel their emotion when they play and the way they engage their audience should be a lesson to everyone. They tweeted one of my photos from the performance. Another photo win!

Unfortunately, I didn't close out my Bonnaroo 2014 experience with Elton John because by the time I got to that area, no more people could fit. I did hear "Candle in the Wind" with everyone singing along. Not making it to Elton John was totally worth it because I stayed for the Super Jam with Ed Helms. So much happened in that hour that I probably should do a post only on that. Let's just say that it was amazing. They ended with everyone coming back on stage and singing Dirty Dancing's "Time of My Life". There were couples all around doing the lift (you know what I am talking about) and people went nuts!


David Molnar is on a mission to improve everyone's cell phone photography so that we can show the world the beautiful things we see. I took his iPhone Only Photography webinar and learned so much in only 45 minutes. I didn't know the pictures from my phone could be so beautiful. To learn David's secrets go here to buy his book or to keep an eye out for his next class. [not sponsored]

Best season finale ever! Watch it. Enough said.

What are your plans for July? Fireworks and work for me :)




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