Month in Review: June 2014

OMG! June was the best month!

A photo I took was used in an article on and it was on the main page.

The Hubs and I took my mom downtown to the CMAfest. We only did the free stuff, which there was less of this year than in the past. They have several stages and we watched numerous performances. I took my camera, but somehow had no camera battery. What a major fail, so here is a picture from last year. :(

Anyone out there deal with Irritable Bowl Syndrome? I have a very mild version, but the hubs is severe. Unfortunately we didn't know exactly how bad it was until now. Without being too graphic, he basically spent a week in the bathroom. He couldn't eat anything other than applesauce, rice, and bland chicken for five days. If he tried then it was back to the torture chamber. The past three weeks have been spent trying to figure out what he can and can't eat. We have figured out that he is basically fine being on a Paleo diet minus broccoli and onions. If you have any tips, then we will gladly take them!

Going to Bonnaroo was life changing. I know that sounds weird, because it's just a music and arts festival. I have been to many of them and even went to Bonnaroo last year. But this year was different. It was amazing and life affirming and I am having trouble finding a way to explain how it impacted me.

People watching was the best there, except when a 60-year old topless lady walked by, but anyway. People were courteous and watched out for each other. Yes, there was a lot of drinking (even out of sunscreen bottles. Hello, Always Sunny.), odd smells (Were there skunks on that farm?), and "oh, that pill must be aspirin, right?" (Don't worry, I'm not that naive... now).  Once of the most awesome moments was when Zedd performed. We watched from the outskirts of the crowd and when the beat would hit people would throw glowsticks and such into the air.

Watching Jack White perform from side stage may be the coolest thing that has ever happened in my life. He directs his band throughout the show which I have never seen before with a big show like that. Usually shows like that are well rehearsed. Everyone knows what song comes next, what to do and where to be.  Jack White changes it up. I bet every single performance he does is a little bit different than the last.

A sea of people attended Jack White's performance. Literally, it was backed up to the entrance. Just standing on stage alone was worth the trip. Getting to see with my own eyes that many people (80,000?) gathered together to see one person perform. Truly breathtaking. 

Shovels and Rope are one of my all-time favorites. I have seen them perform several times and they blow me away each time. As the guy behind me stated a million times "Two people? All that from two people?" Granted he was drunk off his ass, but right, nonetheless. At one point, I thought they were going to start having sex right there on the stage. It was like they were singing for each other and don't mind the audience, they are here to watch. If they ever have marital problems, no one tell me. I would be crushed.

Lone Bellow was the best performance of the entire festival. They do not hold back. You can feel their emotion when they play and the way they engage their audience should be a lesson to everyone. They tweeted one of my photos from the performance. Another photo win!

Unfortunately, I didn't close out my Bonnaroo 2014 experience with Elton John because by the time I got to that area, no more people could fit. I did hear "Candle in the Wind" with everyone singing along. Not making it to Elton John was totally worth it because I stayed for the Super Jam with Ed Helms. So much happened in that hour that I probably should do a post only on that. Let's just say that it was amazing. They ended with everyone coming back on stage and singing Dirty Dancing's "Time of My Life". There were couples all around doing the lift (you know what I am talking about) and people went nuts!


David Molnar is on a mission to improve everyone's cell phone photography so that we can show the world the beautiful things we see. I took his iPhone Only Photography webinar and learned so much in only 45 minutes. I didn't know the pictures from my phone could be so beautiful. To learn David's secrets go here to buy his book or to keep an eye out for his next class. [not sponsored]

Best season finale ever! Watch it. Enough said.

What are your plans for July? Fireworks and work for me :)



  1. Did you buy the book too for the iphone photography or just took the class? I was just curious if you thought the book was as helpful as the course. Lots of music in June...that is awesome!

    1. I took the course first and then bought the book because I love it so much. It has really improved my smartphone photos. I think people can tell if they look out my instagram, @simplyinbold.


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