Learning to Finish

Starting projects should be listed as one of my hobbies. I get super excited about something and obsess over it for about two weeks then something else catches my attention and I move on. Rarely do my projects (non-work related) ever get completed. At 14, I begged my mom to paint my room this icy blue color. She bought me the paint and all the supplies and told me to go for it. I painted and painted and even invited over a friend to help me. Then I lost interest and only fully completed two walls. The third was complete except for an one foot strip from floor to ceiling. The fourth wall sunk back where the closet was. It was completely painted except for the part that set back and the closet doors. It stayed that way until I went off to college.

Looking at my life, I see this pattern over and over again. I jump from photography projects to blogging to DIY projects... and the list goes on forever. I would love to post DIY How-tos on here, but I can't because I rarely finish them. In fact, there are 38 incomplete posts in my drafts folder. I struggle to post regularly on this blog even though I LOVE it! (In fact, I put off posting this for almost two month.)

Can you relate?  In my attempt to overcome this life-long struggle, here is...

Five Tips for Finishing What You Start

#1 - Reach way down inside and figure out what gets in the way.

For me, it is many reasons, but the biggest is perfectionism. If I don't have the perfect photo then I can't publish the blog post. If the right phrase doesn't pop in my head, then it stops me in my tracks. Once my perfectionism makes me pause then that creates room for other ideas. Off I go on another project.

#2 - Be determined.

Decide to complete the project or goal. Fully commit to it. Put reminders on your fridge, desk, or wherever to help you stay focused.

#3 - Don't take on too many projects at once.

I don't know about you, but I can only focus on two or three projects or goals at a time. If I put too much on my plate then I get easily distracted or overwhelmed depending on the day.

#4 - Celebrate the little milestones.

Break the goal or project down into smaller parts. Celebrate as you go. This one stumps me because in my head I feel like finally I completed that little part so hurry to the next one.

#5 - Know thyself.

Cheeseball, I know. How many of us have ever started a project because someone else wanted us to do it or we felt like something we were "supposed" to do? Yep, all of us. Bloggers often feel like they are supposed to do weekly fashion posts of their outfits. If fashion isn't your thing then don't post it. Many photographers feel like they are supposed to do portrait shoots and weddings. Only start projects or make goals that you are passionate about. If you aren't passionate then you will find it difficult to finish.

Do you have any tips to add?



  1. have you ever heard the phrase "perfectionism is the mother of procrastination"? it's the reason i started subscribing to the 90% rule: http://seanwes.com/2014/how-to-cure-perfectionism/

    also, i've learned that the only way for me to get better at things is to create a lot. so the more imperfect books i make-- the better my books get. the more terrible photos i take, the better my photos get, and on and on.

    i also recommend maybe trying "mini" projects and going from there. things that take no longer than 2-3 hours to do. it builds up steam and confidence, and if it doesn't turn out, then it's no big deal because it only took a few hours. and you learn for next time! <3

    1. These are EXCELLENT suggestions. I especially love the last one. 2-3 hours I can totally do.

  2. I totally relate with this. I too struggle to post a lot yet I also love it. I also have a lot of posts in my que.

  3. Such good tips! I'm definitely guilty of starting too many things at once.


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