Random: Life Manager for Hire

Life has really kicked up a knotch for me.  I need someone else to manage my life and just tell me where to go and when.  Nevermind, I am too much of a control freak for that...  I will be contracting at a full-time basis through September, plus running my online retail business, plus attending many awesome summer concerts, plus loving my new exercise classes, plus, plus, plus!  There are not enough hours in the day! I must be excellent with my time management for the next two months or I will drown and miss out on some really cool opportunities.  So, how can I do that?

(sorry for the completely unflattering picture, but it is a true representation of how I feel right now!)

1 - Get enough sleep. This is the most important for me! When there is so much to be done it is tempting to stay up really late at night to get as much done as possible.  This logic works great if it finishes the task and you were able to take a recovery period sometime within the next couple of days.  However, when life is not slowing down then sleep is imperative! I have a tendency to stay up late working on whatever project has my attention at the moment and the next morning I suffer.  Then I fall asleep while working, stay up late again and suffer even more the third day. It snowballs... and snowballs quickly for me.  I don't work well on anything less than 7 hours of sleep.  Trust me I have tried... for years...  In addition to the snowball, the more tired I get the more I skip exercising and turn to fast food which (you guessed it) makes me feel even worse. You get the picture. 

2 - Limit distractions. "Oh, I got an email." "Now where was I?" "Ooo, another email." Focus on one task at a time because it takes time to get your brain back on track each time you are distracted.  Plus, do not read your email until you actually have time to answer it; otherwise, you are reading it twice (or more in some people's cases). I could write a whole chapter on how to deal with email in general, but email is not the only culprit.  Working on a big project? Turn off your phone and return the messages later.  By the way, it is okay to politely tell people you don't have time to talk.  A phrase a co-worker commonly uses is "Okay, man, I gotta jump", meaning he needs to move on to the next task at hand.  People are fine with it because he took the time initially to listen and make them feel important. 

3 - Say No! Well, not to everything, but say it to anything that does not coincide with your priorities.  For example, I love my friends, but... The next two months are pretty full, so that means that friends are going to have to be patient.  If they want to see me then I would love for them to come with me to one of the concerts I am planning to attend (it's for work and the blog); otherwise, "Are you free in October?" 

4 - Don't get overwhelmed. You can do it... just take it one task at a time and ask for help if you need it.  If I allow myself to get overwhelmed then avoidance sets in and that screws everything up. Live in the moment.  Take it one moment at a time...

Okay... so this is going to take some work... just in writing this post I was distracted a minimum of  8 times and I am so sleepy. Atleast I am not overwhelmed. Oh wait, I have an appointment in an hour and am not even close to being done with my to-do list!  Now, I am overwhelmed. Gotta go! 

Any other time management tips for me?  Anything you struggle with time-wise?

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