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It's Monday and I usually do a "This Week in Music" post. I personally use the post to plan my week but I already know what I have to do this week and won't have time for music! *gasp*  Are they useful to anyone else?  Please speak now or forever hold your peace.  If no one speaks up then most likely I will put the "This Week in Music" posts on hold for the next six weeks. Life is crazy and those posts are time consuming. But if you want them then I will definitely still give them.  Moving on...

I work best when I am allowed to be single-minded. Single-mindedness gets a bad wrap. Here's the definition:

Single-minded: "having one driving purpose or resolve" : Determined, Dedicated

So, how is single-mindedness a bad thing?  Please, let me give ONE thing my full focus and determination and I know I will succeed.  

Unfortunately my life hasn't worked this way in years and currently I am being pulled in more ways than I even have time to go. Oh, let me count the ways... 11... no 12. Yes, definitely 12 different ways. I do not work well this way and something typically falls by the wayside. I have already posted about time management here, but what do you do when there just isn't enough time?  Even Zen master, Leo Babauta, only has 24 hours in each day. 

How to be single-mindedly productive...
  1. Be single-minded in each moment. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS only on the one task you are trying complete at this very moment.  Yes, that is reading my blog. So easy task for the day: Finish reading it without allowing anything to distract you.  For some this will be hard, but keep practicing and single-mindedness will get easier.
  2. Eliminate something off your list.  Take a hard look at all your commitments and how you spend your time. Cross atleast two off your list. You can't get rid of two? Yes, you can. Do it. Do it. Dooooo IT! I know that there are two things on your list that do not make you as happy as the rest. They are not as important as the rest. Those two things will not enrich your life in ways that you desire. Mark them off forever. (Fine... if you can't do that then at least save them for later. Much, much later.)  Why two things? Because one is easy but two takes contemplation. 
  3. Prioritize the rest.  What is most important to you and your family? Those should get your complete focus first. If you have time for something else further down the list then great. Otherwise, oh well. (By the way, something relaxing and/or fun should be high on your list. Not just work, work, work.)
  4. Only touch things once.  Your focus is on it now, so do it NOW! I mentioned this before regarding email. Don't open that email until you are ready to deal with it. This "suggestion" should carry over into the rest of your life from little things like scheduling appointments to dealing with your junk mail.  I am the world's worst at making piles and overwhelming To-Do lists. I "touch" things three to four times a piece. This is not being single-mindedly focused and wastes my precious time!  
Okay... I need to go contemplate which two "ways I am being pulled" will get the axe. What are you eliminating today? Do you have any suggestions on how to be single-mindedly productive? Remember, if you want the "This Week In Music" posts, please tell me!

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