I am a planner, a very detailed planner, but rarely do I ever follow my own plan. My Plan A always fails, but probably because my plans are way too strict with astronomical expectations.  For example, my fitness plan has me in the gym every Tuesday morning at 7:45am.  When I showed my plan to my husband, he chuckled under his breath then encouraged me to go for it.  He knows that I am not a morning person.  Why in the world did I think it would work?  Well, I thought that I could overcome my morning aversion because fitness is important.  I ended up feeling like a failure and giving up completely. Total overreaction, I know.  Lesson learned:  Know yourself then make a plan that supports you.

When Erin from Living In Yellow invited people to join her in the #1800MinuteChallenge, I thought I can totally get on board with this.  The concept is simple and completely doable. Complete 1800 Minutes of physical activity during April and May.  That's it.  I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Walk the dogs for 15 minutes one day and hike for two hours the next.  Whatever, it all counts toward the goal. It is much different from the rigid schedules I usually make and I like it.

Here are your hosts:

Erin from Living in Yellow  // Alissa from Alissa Circle,
Emily from The Freckled Fox // Alycia from Crowley Party

Here's what you need to know:

1. You will want to sign up to be a part of the challenge just so the hosts know who is joining in on the fun (and so that you have a chance to win the amazing grand prize at the end of the sixty days). You can register here.

2. Starting April 1st, you will be responsible for tracking your own progress. Don't worry, Erin's gotcha covered. After signing up for the challenge, you will receive a spreadsheet via email which will allow you to quickly track and total your minutes!

3. Throughout the challenge use #1800MinuteChallenge on Instagram or Twitter so that those of us also participating can follow along and cheer you on. Make sure to follow @livinginyellow, @alissamcircle, @thefreckledfox and @alyciagrayce for occasional workout ideas, their favorite playlists, and extra tips + tricks on how to get your 1800 minutes in!

4. At the end of the challenge (May 31st) those of you who have completed all 1800 minutes will email Erin your spreadsheet []. On Monday, June 9th one winner will be drawn to receive the #1800MinuteChallenge grand prize. It's still a secret on what you will be receiving but don't worry, they will fill you in on the details as time goes on. Keep in mind that the best prize of all will be how great you feel and look at the end of the challenge. The prizes will just be the cherry on top ;)

Who else is in?



  1. This is an amazing idea! I'm so happy I happened upon your blog through my friend, Kimmie. I've been mega lazy with my fitness lately, so this will be a great way to get me moving again. I love a good challenge! Look forward to seeing everyones progress - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hoped sharing it would help others. How's the progress so far?


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