Month in Review: May 2014

Is it June already, really?  I could probably say that every month.  It seems like once you hit adulthood the time flies right by. Sometimes I wish that every month felt like the never ending summer break. Ahh... childhood.


Godzilla was never anything I was interested in watching, nor was I forced to watch it (unlike many war movies, thanks Dad). When the Hubs told me he wanted to see Godzilla at the movies I agreed, but was indifferent about it.  Well, it was great.  The special effects were really good.  I was probably at an advantage by not knowing anything about the old movies.  I was confused at the beginning when the "non-Godzilla" monsters were shown. I always thought the people tried to kill Godzilla.  I didn't realize he fought other monsters.

Some people like to see the sunrise, but we have a love/hate relationship.  Plus, it was unseasonably cold. Good news is we got rid of a whole lotta junk!  We sold things for super-duper cheap (.25 - $2) and ended up with $119 dollars at the end. Thank you for taking my junk and I get to cross one item off my 32 before 33 list!

Parlo l'italiano un po'. I only have three classes left so I better make the most of it.

The Nashville Flea Market is the largest, strangest, best yard sale. No, really. It's huge. There are over 200 vendors that sell things from antiques to collectibles to shoes and even bar-b-cue sauce. I bought a red metal bucket to put in my home office.  The Hubs bought a Terminator action figure (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and some Batman comic book. We had a alternative purpose for going this month. We were selling tickets to the Americana Music Association's Cross County Lines dayfest. It happened yesterday and I will get to it. We gave away CDs and goody bags and made people's day.

This month I poured myself into the Americana Music Association. I worked way more than usual, but it was totally worth it. I organized a super-duper important project and it went over really well. We are still waiting for decisions to be made, but we are crossing our fingers that the not-for-profit association will get extra funding. Working on that project, promoting the Americana's Cross County Lines, and working on the balloting and nomination ceremony didn't leave much time or brain-power for my other endeavors. Thus the lack of posts on this here blog and other self-employment projects were neglected. Hopefully, one day I will be able to narrow my focus.

The aspect of my job I love the most are the events. On May 12th, we announced the nominees for the Americana Honors & Awards show that will happen on September 17th. Click here to see the nominees. What are my predictions this year?  As much as I want Robert Ellis to win in his categories, he's the underdog. Album of the Year - Southeastern, Jason Isbell. Artist of the Year - Rosanne Cash. Duo/Group of the Year - The Avett Brothers. Song of the Year - "Ohio", Patty Griffin. Emerging Act of the Year - Parker Millsap. Instrumentalist of the Year - Buddy Miller (per usual).  If I was allowed to vote, then my votes would definitely go to Robert Ellis, Hard Working Americans, and Parker Millsap. If you don't know them then look 'em up. Totally worth it.

Can you spot me in this picture? (Hint: I am against the far wall)


Last night was the Americana's Cross County Lines dayfest featuring John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Brandy Clark, Ashley Monroe, Joe Pug, Parker Millsap, and Luther Dickinson. It was on a farm in Franklin and just gorgeous with green grass and a barn that embodies "Americana". Since it was on outdoor event we were worried about rain. It rained from 3:30-4:15 and stopped for the rest of the night. The event started at 4:30 so it was right on time. I got halfway drenched (my front was under a tent but my back/butt got soaked). My favorite of the night had to be Parker Millsap with John Hiatt at a close second. Parker is a young guy with lots of energy and John is a recognizably seasoned performer. Before this event, I thought Brandy Clark was "okay", but after seeing her perform I am a fan. Here are a few pictures. Hope to see you there next year!

A lot of people showed up!

Joe Pug performed on the acoustic stage. There were two stages so music was constantly going. Genius idea!  Favorite song - "I do my father's drugs"

Ashley Monroe. Even prettier in person.

The inside of the barn was beautiful. Smelly and hot, but beautiful!

I was obsessed with Patty Griffin's Flaming Red album when I was 17, Obsessed!

John Hiatt stole the show! He closed it out with his biggest hit "Have a Little Faith in Me".

Coming in June: CMA Festival, Bonnaroo (hopefully), the Hubs birthday, a going away party, and even a baby shower. Possibly the busiest month yet! What do you have planned for June?


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